TRAP elects new Board of Trustees

BoT Pic 2016
The new TRAP BoT (L-R): Rick Reyes, Red Dumuk, Tom Carrasco, Ramon Marchan, Stax Savellano, and Patrick Joson. Not in the picture: Sarita Zafra and Boying Rodriguez.

The Triathlon Association of the Philippines elected a new Board of Trustees for 2016-17 during the 2016 Annual Board Meeting on August 31, 2016 at the Philippine Columbian. The new Board consists of: Ramon Marchan, Tomas Carrasco, Red Dumuk, Patrick Joson, Stax Savellano, Boying Rodriguez, Sarita Zafra, Rick Reyes. The proceedings were attended by members of TRAP and the outgoing Board of Trustees.

Shortly thereafter, as per TRAP By-Laws, the Board elected the officers among themselves. The new Officers of TRAP are as follows: Ramon Marchan- President; Boying Rodriguez- Vice President; Tomas Carrasco- Secretary General & Treasurer; Red Dumuk- Public Relations Officer. Mr. Rodriguez will also represent the Visayas and Mr. Savellano Mindanao.

The elections were monitored and observed by POC EB Member and Gymnastics Association of the Philippines President, Cynthia Carrion.

Ramon Marchan was formerly the Secretary General and Mr. Carrasco, the past President.

“I really intend to give way to others who are willing to serve but need to stay on for a 1 year term so that the transition of dealing with the new PSC Board and wrap up of on-going projects can be dealt with smoothly. I will make sure all pertinent matters will be turned over properly to the next BoT,” explained Mr. Carrasco. “Ramon and I are in synch with this.”

The new President, Mr. Marchan, humbly accepted the position, “I am honored to be chosen as the CEO of TRAP. I intend to maintain our strengths- Technical Officiating, relationships with and positions in the ITU and ASTC, and a busy event Calendar; but will look into improving the Elite, Junior, and youth components of the National Team. I will work with Tom to ensure the turnover is seamless and no disruption occurs. This is an exciting time to be involved with triathlon.”

In her address to the body, Ms. Carrion remarked, “It is refreshing that the conduct of the elections was smooth trouble free. The sense of cooperation, unity, and respect in TRAP is commendable. You are on the right track.”