420322_276671265735018_2000576784_nTriathlon is getting greener in the Philippine Environment. We, at TRAP, are launching our own Green Triathlon initiative this month. Deal with suppliers and service providers who support the Green Triathlon initiative. Our aim is to reduce our events’ and programs’ pollution and waste production by encouraging reduction(simplification), reusing and recycling, while actively involving our own TRAP staff, athletes, fans, supporters, sponsors, partners, event hosts and the media.

Green Tips – Help Spread the Word!


  • Register to races online or via email.
  • Register as a group through your club.
  • Do not print emailed TRAP document and messages.
  • Carpool to events or use public transport.
  • Use low emission vehicles.
  • Avoid use of plastic bags and materials.
  • Avoid disposables.
  • Purchase durable and quality gears.
  • Always bring reusable bags.
  • Use refillable fluid containers.
  • Dispose trash in appropriate bins.
  • Donate extra sports gears and equipments.

Visitors and Supporters

  • Carpool to events or use public transport.
  • Always bring reusable bags for shopping and carrying stuffs.
  • Buy less stuffs.
  • Refuse packaging like plastic bags and wrappers.
  • Patronize local products using local labor and materials.
  • Dispose trash in appropriate bins.


  • Do not use plastic bags for packaging
  • Minimize handing out of fliers and marketing materials.
  • Avoid disposables.
  • Giveaway eco friendly items like reusable bags.
  • Use reusable streamers, posters, etc.