Whether you are a seasoned runner or swimmer time. or a couple novice to sport, a well-planned training schedule (including rest periods) is crucial to success and avoidance of injury. It is important to assess your goals and fitness level when beginning and planning your training accordingly. Your training plan should aim to improve your fitness, be realistic and of course be enjoyable.

Triathlon can be complicated to plan because it involves three sports, each an element. when performed in triathlon, is somewhat different from doing the sport on its own. Planning your multisport training requires creativity, and assessment of the time and facilities available to you. Keep a record of what worked effectively in planning and executing your practices. Logging your training will help you to look back and make improvements season by season and help to chart your progress.

Below are some general suggestions for frequency of practices on a weekly basis. The amount of training depends on your ability, experience, and goals. Keep in mind that sports can be combined to reduce the number of overall practices.
Times per Week
Range of Ability                   Swim    Bike    Run
For maintaining ability             1-29        1        1
Improving ability slowly            2-3       1-2     2-3
Improving ability quickly           3-5       2-3     2-3