The body breaks down in training and rebuilds during rest; without rest, it never gets stronger. Always schedule your rest days first, and build your activities around the rest periods. Novice athletes often start by alternating training days with rest days. Intermediate and advanced athletes should have a minimum of one rest day per week. Activities, such as a lower intensity swim or water run is also a part of recovery.

Below are some training and rest suggestion based in athletic level:

Novice Athletes
– Schedule at least 2-3 rest days per week. Alternate rest days with activity days.
– Alternate days and sports: do not put the same sport on consecutive days.
– Do not schedule more than 2-3 runs, or 1-2 bikes at the novice level.
– Schedule a minimum of 2 swims.
– Plan at least two practices than involves more than one sport.

Intermediate Athletes
– Schedule one rest day per week.
– Alternate days and sports. except for swimming.
– Follow high- intensity days with low-intensity training days.
– Schedule a minimum of 2 runs, 2 cycles and 3 swims per week.
– Schedule a maximum of 3 runs, 3 cycles and 6 swims per week.
– Designate intensities for your practices: easy recovery or skill workput, hard long effort. short fast intervals, etc.