TRAP President Tom Carrasco announced the start of the selection of candidates for the 2018 Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games. The Philippine 2018 YOG Qualifying Races will help determine and choose worthy triathletes who can qualify for the 2018 YOG Triathlon. “We decided to get the process going so that we can better prepare. We qualified Vicky Deldio in 2014 and this time we will try to qualify 1 boy and 1 girl,” Mr. Carrasco explained, “Our experience moves us to have  a longer and better planned preparation.”

Athletes who are 16-17 y/o in 2018 (born in 2001-2002) are eligible for the 2018 Buenos Aires YOG. These athletes are 14-15 y/o in 2016. While some candidates have already been pinpointed, the search for qualifiers is being opened to as many athletes as possible.

Click this link for more details on how to participate in the  qualifying races.


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